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  • Only Flexible

    Only Flexible

    Workplace flexibility is about When, Where and How work is completed.  It’s just work, done differently.

  • Only professional

    Only professional

    Work flexibly at your level of qualification and experience.

  • Only forward-thinking employers

    Only forward-thinking employers

    A one-stop-shop to find employers-of-choice that value flexibility. Leading organisations know the value of a committed, flexible workforce.

  • Transparent


    Flex Able Jobs brings the discussion of flexibility up-front to save both time and money for you and employers.

  • Connect & learn

    Connect & learn

    Connect with other professionals who value flexibility. Invest in your personal and professional development through news and events.

  • Work better, Live better

    Work better, Live better

    Workplace flexibility is about work options for the different seasons of your life.

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